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Don't Let Mastitis Interfere with Breastfeeding Mothers, Here's How to Prevent It

One disorder that is often complained of by nursing mothers is inflammation of the breast or known as mastitis. This complaint is quite disturbing because it causes pain and discomfort when breastfeeding. But do not worry, because there are ways you can do to prevent it. Mastitis is inflammation of the breast caused by blocked glands and milk ducts. Inflammation that occurs can be followed by infections that cause various complaints that interfere with the comfort of nursing mothers. Various Ways to Prevent Mastitis In order not to experience complaints due to inflammation of the breast while breastfeeding, the following ways can Busui do to prevent mastitis: 1. Routinely pumping breast milk Although the activity is very dense, do not let Busui not pump breast milk. Routinely pumping breast milk every 3-4 hours is one step to prevent blockage of the milk ducts that can increase the risk of mastitis. To facilitate the release of breast milk and prevent pain, Busui is advised to
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5 Yoga Poses to Increase Pregnancy Opportunities

During this time, yoga is more commonly regarded as a sport that can train flexibility and calmness. In fact, yoga is also useful for increasing the chances of pregnancy, you know! Come on, find out what yoga movements and poses can help expectant mothers to get pregnant. According to research, the benefits of yoga that are done regularly can reduce stress experienced by expectant mothers, increase blood flow to the pelvis during sex, and overcome muscle tension. This is what then makes yoga can increase women's fertility and chances to get pregnant. Yoga Pose to Increase Fertility Of the many yoga poses, there are at least 5 yoga poses that can be performed by expectant mothers to increase the chances of pregnancy, namely: 1. Staff pose Staff poses can be the right choice for warming up. Pose which is also useful for making the body more relaxed and blood circulation, can be done by: Sit on the mat with your legs straight forward and your hands at your sides. Turn your

Various Choices of Natural Gout Medication

In general, gout can be cured with prescription drugs. Natural gout medicine as an alternative treatment option, generally aims as an effort to reduce pain and inflammation due to gout. Even some natural gout medicines, are believed to reduce the frequency of pain attacks due to gout. Before you choose a natural gout remedy, you should consult with your doctor first to consider the benefits and risks. Various Natural Gout Medications Gout is more experienced by men aged between 30-50 years than women. This is because women tend to have lower uric acid levels. A study shows, one of the benefits of coffee is that it helps reduce the risk of gout in men. That's because coffee is a strong source of antioxidants, namely chlorogenic acid, which can reduce the risk of gout. However, this still needs further investigation, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming large amounts of coffee with the aim of reducing uric acid levels. Besides coffee, there are also some in